‘Sure, tell me about my ’46 Buick’ warranty: Roadshow

Q: When scammers call about an auto warranty renewal offer, I typed in “1” and found a live person. When they ask me what car I have under warranty, I say a ’46 Buick. They hang up quickly.

Cheryl Causey

A: And….


A: There may be help from Sacramento to hurt those annoying crooks in their wallets.

State Sen. Susan Rubio (D-Baldwin Park) introduced legislation to help people who are victims of insurance scams, including illegal robocalls “We are trying to reach you regarding the extended warranty of your car “. The legislation would help victims recover their losses from insurance sellers not licensed by the California Department of Insurance.

SB 1040 would give the insurance commissioner the ability to order restitution to consumers from unlicensed insurance sellers who violate California law, resulting in larger refunds to consumers. The Department of Insurance estimates that unauthorized activities cost Californians millions of dollars each year.

For example, Californians have paid thousands of dollars for extended warranties illegally sold by unlicensed companies, only to be wrongfully denied claims. Then they have to pay again for expensive repairs. Individual losses of several thousand dollars per victim can add up to massive fraud.

Under current law, the insurance commissioner can order unlicensed sellers to pay a fine of up to $5,000 a day, but cannot order them to reimburse consumers for losses they have caused. , such as the direct premiums they misappropriated and the financial losses the consumer suffered when they thought they were otherwise covered by insurance.

Department of Insurance investigations revealed numerous cases of insurance premium theft, embezzlement and fraud by unlicensed sellers targeting vulnerable communities, such as the elderly, immigrants and underrepresented communities. .

Q: I was very disappointed to read that the San Jose City Council approved digital billboards near the airport. These billboards are a hazard to drivers, possibly pilots, and Mount Hamilton sightings. Gary, mobilize the troops! Block the dikes!

Mary Cahill

A: They don’t need me to rally the opposition. There’s already an army of them.

Q: I didn’t tell you, but I know a guy who knows a guy whose cousin told him about a guy who intentionally puts police alerts on Waze when there are no cops in the area ! Obviously he’s not overdoing it with the false alarms, but just using them enough in extremely dangerous places to slow down some of the idiots.

Phil of Concord

A: And now more guys will know guys who know guys whose cousins ​​told them about a guy…

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