People of Color Small Business Relief Program

New Hampshire Public Radio

Posted: 02/05/2022 16:46:54

Modified: 02/05/2022 16:45:12

The Manchester NAACP and New Hampshire Community Loan Fund are working together on a pilot project to provide more support for businesses run by people of color.

The initiative aims to increase technical assistance, training and loans to businesses in the Greater Manchester area.

“Some small businesses don’t have a relationship with a traditional bank and they don’t know where to turn for help to grow or sustain their business,” says Zachery Palmer, a community lender at New Hampshire Community Loan. fund. .

Palmer says many members of Manchester’s growing immigrant and BIPOC communities have entrepreneurial backgrounds, and some hope to expand their businesses into the skilled trades, retail and catering.

The team will work with a volunteer community business development board to identify potential businesses that can receive loans and training, and conduct outreach to non-English speakers.

“It’s important for us to create a structure where community members determine how resources are applied in the community,” said James T. McKim, president of the Manchester NAACP.

Anyone interested in the program can contact Palmer at the Community Loan Fund.

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