Maharashtra Dy CM Ajit Pawar


Observing that farmers in Maharashtra’s Marathwada region suffered heavy losses due to excessive rains, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar said on Saturday that the state government would receive a loan to help farmers in affected areas of the state if necessary.

Speaking to reporters, Pawar said the harvest and other losses could reach Rs 4,000 crore in the Marathwada region alone.

The Maharashtra government last week paid the tranche of Rs 974 crore as part of its contribution to crop insurance and the center must now pay its share, he said.

Pawar chaired a meeting to review losses in the Marathwada region due to excessive rainfall last month.

He said the state is paying its share of crop insurance except in some areas because insurance companies have not helped farmers in those areas.

“It is still raining in some blocks of the Marathwada region. Once we have the loss figure, we will not wait for help from the central government and help the farmers. We will do it even if we have to opt for loans for farmers in Marathwada and other parts of Maharashtra, ”he said.

The state government has ordered insurance companies to immediately pay for losses suffered by farmers, he said.

“The state has given 550 crore rupees for non-agricultural losses. This fund will be given for damage to houses, loss of livestock and loss of life,” he said, adding that waterlogging is a problem. major obstacle for teams. trying to repair the electrical infrastructure in rural areas.

“The government of Maharashtra has decided to distribute aid in accordance with NDRF standards. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray will be briefed on today’s review meeting. A demand is being raised for more funds to be provided to the committees. district planning. A decision will be made, “said the deputy CM.

Pawar said a meeting will be held between Maharashtra’s irrigation minister and his counterpart from Telangana to discuss the issue of Nanded waterlogging due to the backwater at the Pochampad dam in the southern state.

“The government of Maharashtra has decided to give interest-free loans to farmers who will repay them on time this time. This timely repayment is not possible now because the farmers have lost their crops. The government is planning to restructure the debt. farmers and make them eligible for the new loan. A decision on declaring wet drought in Marathwada will be taken after discussions, “Pawar added.

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Posted on: Sunday October 10, 2021, 7:40 a.m. IST

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