Jana Small Finance Bank Junks Gold Loan Fraud Slur

The Jana Small Finance Bank has dismissed all allegations made against it regarding public exploitation in the name of gold lending. A report entirely based on customer allegations was recently broadcast by Odisha Television Limited (OTV) in this regard.

In response to the report, the bank on Sunday refuted all accusations in a press release and said it had a clear policy on communicating with gold lending customers, including late notices and claims. notice prior to auction.

The Jana Bank said its gold lending policy includes SMS alerts to customers, a first notice to remind the refund of unpaid contributions, a final notice clearly stating the deadline for payment of contributions and the date of the auction, notice prior to the auction. , public auction notice in an English publication and an Odia publication with the client’s name clearly mentioned.

He further clarified that even if customers make repeated tours of the bank, the gold auctioned cannot be returned. “Because the gold items have already been sold. Prior to the gold auction, the customer was contacted hundreds of times and also sent reminders. All processes were done legally,” one said. responsible for the bank.

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