A green loan or an energy credit such as with Mecor bank is a credit in the form of an installment loan. This offers the advantage of a simple contract that is also quickly sorted out. An energy credit or green loan has extra advantages compared to the traditional home loan. With a green loan you do not need guarantees and you do not pay any notary fees. The duration of both a green loan and an energy credit depends on the amount borrowed. Be careful here and never borrow more than you can handle financially. Set a budget first and stick to it. View the various options with your (trusted) banker.

Greater living comfort

Greater living comfort

An energy-efficient home not only ensures a substantial saving on your energy bill, it also improves your living comfort considerably. An energy-efficient home has a higher sale or rental value. Experts calculated that your roof insulation will earn back after an average of one and a half years. The cost of installing high-efficiency glass is fully recovered after five years, and replacing an old boiler with an energy-efficient one pays for itself after six years on average.

Benefits of a green loan or energy credit

Greater living comfort

You can take out an energy credit with Mecor bank for at least fifty percent of the loan amount for performing energy-efficient works. Almost all energy-saving interventions are eligible for such an energy credit and an energy-efficient loan:

Boilers: replacing an old and energy-consuming boiler with an energy-efficient one is eligible for a green loan and an energy credit from Mecor bank.

  • Water heating : a system of water heating with solar energy.
  • Solar panels: the installation of photovoltaic or PV panels.
  • Geothermal: installation of all possible equipment for geothermal energy generation.
  • Double glass
  • Insulation: the extra insulation of roofs, walls and floors.
  • Energy audit
  • Heat control: the realization of all kinds of interventions necessary for the heat control with central heating such as placing thermostatic valves or thermostats with a time setting.
  • Closing: you can take out a green loan with your trusted banking institution or with a credit company. If you opt for an energy credit, you can go to Mecor bank for that.
  • Advantageous for everyone: in order to get the maximum benefit from a green loan or an energy credit, you should preferably have sufficient equity capital. If it concerns your own home where you want to have energy-efficient works carried out and you do not have to pay off a mortgage loan or life insurance policy, then you are cheaper with a mortgage loan with a term of ten years. You can then enter the housing bonus for your only home and a one and a half percent discount annually for tax purposes.

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