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VANCOUVER, BC, 23 Aug 2021 / CNW / – CloudAdvisors, from Canada Employee Benefits Marketplace, successfully launched Professional Plus and MGA Plus for the Canadian insurance industry. Professional Plus offers advisors a fully personalized and automated experience for their clients. MGA Plus allows corporate clients to automate and scale their business in the same way within their highly complex structures.

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Professional Plus offers complete peace of mind to advisors who want to monitor and protect their clients. CloudAdvisors’ machine learning assistant, CALEB, assesses benefit plans daily and generates personalized information to identify gaps in coverage. Benchmarking reports and personalized recommendations are generated and delivered to employers prior to the meeting, ensuring all parties have the data they need to make informed decisions. By embracing an automated digital experience, advisors can be assured that all clients receive consistent, high-level attention, analysis and recommendations.

“By automating critical work, we’ve increased the ability of our consultant partners to focus on what matters. Processes that used to take hours of work can now be completed in seconds, ”said CloudAdvisors CEO, Matt lister. “CloudAdvisor partners have a distinct competitive advantage and can provide the best advice and the best shopping experience for employers. Imagine being able to provide one-day shipping, while your competition’s standard delivery time is 8 weeks. We are witnessing a revolution in financial technology and electronic commerce. , anyone who does not currently partner with CloudAdvisors is at risk of being left behind. “

CloudAdvisors has facilitated a digital transformation of the benefits industry and helped improve health coverage for millions of Canadians. Employers can now search and compare thousands of solutions within from Canada Employee Benefits Marketplace, through an authorized CloudAdvisor partner. This innovation has connected buyers and sellers in this market like never before.

“We are witnessing a revolution in $ 1.1 trillion Group guarantees market in North America“Says the CEO of Victory Square Technologies, Shafin Tejani. “Insurers and brokers who do not partner with CloudAdvisors will miss the opportunity to digitally transform their distribution. The employer values ​​the convenience of a transparent market, and CloudAdvisors makes insurance better for everyone. “

Professional Plus is changing the way advisors connect with their clients by making digital relationships a priority. Automating critical deliverables to customers ensures they have the right tools to make the best decisions for their employees. CloudAdvisors democratizes access to healthcare and improves insurance for everyone.

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Situated at Vancouver, BC, Canada, CloudAdvisors is from Canada Employee benefits market, powered by artificial intelligence. CloudAdvisors was founded in 2015 and enabled a fully digital shopping experience for employee benefits.

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